Compiling libtensorflow in Ubuntu 18.04 to use it from Scala

Repositories and dependencies

Installation instructions provided for tensorflow_scala (Platanios) do not work at the moment of writing (2018-08-21). It may be related to differences in the supported hardware the native library was compiled for.

So, it was necessary for me to compile from source:

git clone
cd tensorflow
git checkout r1.9

I installed the Intel Distribution for Python, with instructions for intelpython3_core more ...

Using High Performance Libraries with Python

Compiling Tensorflow with Intel MKL support for Mac

The simplest and fastest way to get Intel MKL support in tensorflow is by using Intel Distribution for Python with the conda package manager.

By using the intelpython3_full (providing Python 3.6.3 at the moment), you get numpy and scipy MKL-accelerated libraries out of the box. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to install Tensorflow compiled with MKL support on Mac OS X more ...

Data clustering basics with k-means algorithm

Data Clustering

This post is based on (Gan).

Data clustering is a process of assigning a set of records into subsets, called clusters, such that records in the same cluster are similar and records in different clusters are quite distinct.

A typical clustering process involves the following five steps:

    more ...